Here’s a peek at a painting job in progress.

This house on a hill is seen from below, receives intense sun, and has great texture due to the shingles.  It also has some vinyl windows and sits atop a lush PNW garden.  

Where does one start? This color scheme started with the vinyl color which became the trim color.  It’s impossible to ignore vinyl windows.  They’ll show up more when you don’t address their existence.  

Next, the value of the body color needed to be light.  This was to increase visibility under the porch overhang, show off the shingle texture, and  deflect some heat.  

Finally, the body color also needed to contrast with the trim and stand apart from the landscaping.  In total there are five variables here which work like parts of a puzzle when they come together.  The variables are different for each house; the hardest part is identifying what they are.  

Stay tuned; I’ll post pics of this house when it’s finished.  If you need help with your color scheme, call me at 360 319-4221.  I’m happy to talk with you.