Color Design for gables

Hi folks, is it a weird time to un-shutter a business?  Yes.  However, here in the PNW I’m seeing do-it-your-selfers up on ladders, painting their homes.  I’m hoping my professional painter friends are also on ladders somewhere.  After all, you can social distance and paint.  Therefore, welcome back and let’s get started.  

Gables are the triangles you see under steep roof lines on certain architectural styles. Today’s topic is choosing a gable color to compliment your other house color(s).  Gables do not have to be painted differently; choosing to do so can either add interest or cause distraction.   There are three tricks to follow.  First, choose a lighter value on top so the house has visual lift.   Second, all siding colors need to relate (be more similar than different).  Finally, don’t paint your gables on the sides of your house if you can’t introduce that gable color onto the front of the house.  

The gable color on this house adds interest, visually holds the levels together, and moves up towards the heavens.  
The gable color on this house is distracting, top heavy, unrelated to the base color, and  isolated on the sides.  
In short, remind yourself that in architectural color, as in all design, form follows function.