The Case of Beige Vinyl Windows

Believe it or not, beige vinyl windows are a mixture of beige and gray with a green undertone (greige).  When a house has no trim around the windows, the vinyl color becomes the trim color.  In a nutshell, the body color must acknowledge the colors in the vinyl or the scheme will look “off.”   

Some body options here include gray-green, beige-green, charcoal with green undertones, or greige (no contrast with windows).  Certain green colors would also work.  Note how all these colors have either gray, green, or beige in them, which will relate to the vinyl. 

This home owner had other fixed features to work with, including partial brick facing, a very dark roof, and a stained wooden door.   In the end she choose the gray-green option.  You don’t notice the green undertone in the gray paint because it’s in harmony with the windows (and the mortar of the brick).   

Often, house color design is a puzzle in logic.   If you’re needing assistance with the puzzle of your home, Paint Moxie is here to help.